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Employment with Atsuko Kudo

Atsuko Kudo Ltd is an equal opportunities employer.

All positions within the company are appointed through rigorous procedures designed to discover whether the candidate has the ability to successfully fulfil the job description.

Atsuko Kudo Ltd is entirely involved in very specialised design and manufacture processes exclusively using latex fabric. The company operates within the couture fashion market and is world renowned for it's pioneering techniques and advances with those designs and processes.

Atsuko Kudo's designs regularly appear in many of the major fashion and lifestyle press - and the company has a very high profile celebrity client list and media presence.

As a result our recruiting processes and procedures are reflected in this highly visible yet specialised position within the industry. Many positions in the company have been filled after exhaustive recommendation, interview and practical testing.

When the company advertises it's positions it does so in accordance with the required codes of practice.

Atsuko Kudo Ltd will endeavour to consider all CV's - please note that new applications will only be considered after the submission of a CV. We will respond to all CV's submitted though this will not happen within a set time frame due to the number of CV's and the consideration process running it's due course.

For guidance on applications and/or to submit a CV please contact us via email at

Atsuko Kudo Credits

Whilst developing the Atsuko Kudo label we have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest talents available in our field and so of course we would like to thank them for the enormous contribution they have made to the label and to this website.

Thank you - you are all stars!


Ben Westwood:

Bob Carlos Clarke:

Christophe Mourthé:

Nadya Lev:


Peter Ashworth:

Sarah Ainslie:

Trevor Watson:

Joakim Jonsson;

Heiko Laschitzki:


Abigail Toyne:

Dee Dee Luxe:

Elle Taylor:


Emily Marilyn:



Ruth Reynolds:

Tamara Noon:


Kumi Monster:

Juliet Johns:


Sabina Kelly:



Hair & Make up

Shelly Manser-Cavanagh:

Paul Xavier:

Anita Brulee:

Web Site

Styling and words: Walter

Web design: Derek Kitchener

Graphic design: Atsuko Kudo

Additional image manipulation: PTK

Thanks also to: David Zeitgeist, Tony Mitchell, Tim Woodward, Michael Fearnley, Sandra Taubeneck, Jurgen Boedt, Wakana Miyashita, Kanae Takami, Akiko Sugaya, Chizuru Coleman, Justin De Villeneuve, Ben Westwood, Alison Hargreaves, Renata Black at Lingerie New York/7 Bar Foundation and everyone at Atsuko Kudo.

Lingerie London Vouchers

All vouchers for London Lingerie are valid for one month from the date of the show (24th October 2012).

Only one £50 voucher is permitted per order.

Vouchers can only be exchanged in our London Store 64 Holloway Road N7 8JL

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