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If you would like to order from our range of garments and accessories please remember that we offer a choice of exclusive prints aswell as the standard colours. The majority of print/colour combinations currently in production are shown on this website, however in special circumstances there may be other options available. Aswell as the standard types of trim, Atsuko Kudo also offers a variety of exclusive special trims featuring filigree and frill work. These trims can of course be specified, please see below for further details.

For further questions on these or any other matters relating to your order please feel free to call us for a consultation.


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Atsuko Kudo Exclusive Patterns for printed latex

Please note when ordering a printed lace pattern garment that each sheet is hand cut for each item and therefore may not always include the area of print you see in any given image on our website. We cannot indicate during the ordering and manufacturing process which sections will be used but we always wish to use what we perceive to be the best for the overall effect on each garment we produce.

Atsuko Kudo Exclusive Trims for Latex
Atsuko Kudo Latex Colours
Atsuko Kudo Standard Sizes

Made to Fit

Made to fit service: it is of course quite common for each individuals measurements to vary from the parameters in our standard size chart. For that reason we offer a ‘made to fit’ service on our garments. This entails altering the basic patterns of the garments to accommodate your measurements and ensure a perfect fit. This service will incur an additional charge of between 10 - 50% of the garments base price.

We always prefer to take those measurements in person but will accept the customers own measurements on the basis that any inaccuracies are the customers responsibility. If there is any discrepancy in sizes we will of course contact you to resolve this prior to making your garment.

This service is optional and we will always consult with you first so that you are completely aware of the work and any potential additional costs. Please note we can always send the closest standard size if you would prefer however we cannot guarantee the fit will be correct.

Standard Sizes

Made to Fit

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