Beyoncé in Atsuko Kudo

2010 March 12

Beyoncé appears resplendent in Atsuko Kudo in the new joint Lady GaGa/Beyonce video for ‘Telephone’. Wearing a full on bright yellow AK Wonder Cup Pencil Dress and custom made AK matching cowboy hat Ms B rocks up and delivers some seriously venomous potion and moves! The dress is one you can purchase in any fabulous colour from our range and the hat is available to order too – also in all of the usual colours (including printed!) Here’s some stills and you can watch the full 9 minute epic below…

Beyoncé wears Atsuko Kudo latex Dress and Cowboy Hat in Telephone
Beyonce wears AK Latex  in Telephone with Lady Gaga
Beyonce in Atsuko Kudo bespoke latex Cowboy Hat

The video was styled by the fabulous Nicola Formichetti

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