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Lady Gaga meets the Queen

Dear Friends,

As Christmas is almost upon us we wanted to take the opportunity to offer our very best wishes for the season and also to thank you for whichever way you may have been involved with Atsuko Kudo during 2009!

As ever we have a variety of fabulous ladies beautifully photographed in Atsuko Kudo latex to help warm up the cold winter days and nights many of us are currently enduring!

Though 2009 has been challenging for all of us it has also been an extraordinary year with an ever growing variety of ladies wishing to partake in the AK latex experience. Some you may know and some may be new to you (and us). However one thing is certain, no matter which way we cut the Christmas cake, one lady above all in 2009 has taken the latex torch to new heights! Yes, of course it’s Lady GaGa. And as if to prove it in this very festive month of December she raised the bar one more time by commissioning this very special red and regal ensemble to perform at the Royal Variety Performance which as is traditional, was attended by the Queen.

Lady Gaga in Atsuko Kudo

We had the wonderful opportunity to create truly couture pieces for this look....

Elisabethan Ruff

You may have witnessed Lady GaGa’s televised performance already but we feel suitably proud of the creation that we just had to show you more pics! There are probably several ‘firsts’ achieved with the look and the show but perhaps the main one is the Queen experiencing the spectacle of a full on latex outfit! And it seems Her Majesty was amused! Now she may have an inkling of what you and we knew all along – in the right hands this fabric rocks! And here at AK we want to thank Lady GaGa, her team at Haus of GaGa and Nicola Formichetti & Anna Trevalayan who came to us to make this dream happen!

We’ve made many more outfits over the last 12 months – the vast majority we never get to see once they leave us but we always hope that a fabulous time is had by all. As it’s the end of the year here are a few highlights....

Asuko Kudo Magazine Covers

Kelly BrookRock Awards

As we are still slaving over hot latex here at AK Towers we should let you know that we’ll be open on some of the days over the holiday period so that those of you who just haven’t had enough can visit us online 24/7 or in person at our London store. Please check at the bottom of the page or on our website for the shop opening hours – and if you’d like anything to wear for any of the forthcoming London club nights such as TG at New Year or Club RUB on January 23rd, please let us know sooner rather than later - as Atsuko’s fabulous staff are very much looking forward to the forthcoming holiday!

Late news just in.......

Earlier this week we dressed 3 ladies to accompany photographer and artist, Ben Westwood on his Christmas Carol singing protest outside the UK Deputy Prime Minister’s house! Ben was protesting about Harriet Harman’s proposed legislation which attempts to strengthen the laws re: lap dancing and which (inadvertently or not) may catch burlesque dancers within the same net, potentially making many acts which currently lampoon exploitative striptease into......well, illegal acts! Crazy but true.

Latex Clad protest
Ben Westwood's protest

We hope that the sight and sound of three happy, latex empowered ladies singing some popular Xmas ditties will help Ms Harman to try to differentiate between those activities which are harmful and those which are beneficial. Every day here at Atsuko Kudo we witness beautiful ladies finding a way to expand the power of their femininity through the careful choice of lovingly made garments and accoutrements so we are very sensitive to anything which might reverse this trend towards female empowerment.

We’re not suggesting for one moment that the Deputy Prime Minister wishes to don a uniform and jackboots but it should be noted that Hitler notoriously closed down the Berlin Kabaret clubs in the 1930’s – an episode famously depicted in the film, Cabaret. Ironically, one of our favourite films!

Ben and the ladies gifted Ms Harman an Xmas stocking containing red AK heart shaped pasties and a ‘penis noir’.

In any case, it provided us with a great opportunity to dress the three ladies in Christmassy, Red Riding Hood outfits which all helps to keep the wolf from the door!


And finally, we’d once again like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and the very best for 2010 and that we see you in Atsuko Kudo soon!

Best wishes,

All at Atsuko Kudo

Merry Christmas qnd a Happy New Year

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